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My Dogs

Meet my dogs
Everybody fond of dogs will have great pleasure in meeting the Whippets. By chance, few years ago I met this up to that point to me unknown breed. A clients vetenarian had just imported a male Whippet from the United States. I was immediately fascinated by this beautiful, athletic animal. Even though they are elegant and fragile looking, they are quiet resistant dogs. The Whippets from the U.S. have a slightly stronger built and longer, more uphill neck than the English Whippets.
Maxwell, the bigger and lighter coloured on the video whom we all just call Maxi, is from the Sportingfield – breedline and “Suri” comes from the “Golden –Peanuts”- one of Germany`s most famous Whippet breeding station.
It is a lot of fun watching the Whippets race on our outside dressage ring.
Our 13 year old “Lui” just watches them run and play and is not amused when they sometimes run him over.


Seit Sommer 2012 gehört nun "Robby", ein aus den USA importierter Italienischer Windspiel Rüde zu meinen Hunden.


For my 40th birthday i received a stunning gift: a really cute Italian Greyhound puppy named "Robby" from the Dierking Kennel in Nebraska/USA. He has Champion bloodlines and show quality. The Italian Greyhound is the smallest in the family of gazehounds (dogs that hunt by sight). The Italian Greyhounds from the U.S. are a little bit stronger built and have more uphill and longer necks than the IG from Europe.
Robby is extremely playful, charming and tons of fun to have around.
Having these four dogs is great.