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Philosophy riding

Every horse brings new challenges with it, has talents to develop and borders that we reach in training.

The fascination for me as most trainers in dressage riding is the build-up. You start with the longing and breaking of the young horse and the education ends at the stage where the horses talent ends.

For the dressage riding sport you need to bring along patience, discipline and a lot of passion for the horses and their needs. The horses well being and health must always be first priority.

The amount of training you set up really depends on the horse. I have trained many horses from young horse riding tests up to Intermediare I level. And no horse is like the other to train and ride – and that is what makes this sport exciting.

Every horse is unique in its looks, behaviour, learning ability,character and aura.

I personally couldn`t imagine a life without riding, training or simply not being around horses.