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About the person

I first got in touch with horses when vaulting at the riding club in my town at the age of 7 or 8. I didn`t like vaulting but I had great liking for the horses.

When I was 9 years old, a farmer from nearby where I lived put me on a Norweger (Norwegian pony) without saddle, just with rope and halter. Within minutes I trotted and cantered up hills – my mother watching from the distance having faint attacks. From that day, I enjoyed nothing more than being around horses and riding.

Only few weeks past and I got my first own pony Anja – white as snow with pinkish coloured muzzle and eyes. Not too pretty but with lovely character.


A riding lesson once a week was a must by my parents. Gallopping through woods and over fields, building up self made jumping courses and participating at the pony – games taking place once a year, were my highlight and idea of fun.

At the age of 12 my family and I moved to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

For my 13 th birthday I got the 4 year old thoroughbred gelding Taylor. With him I participated in hunter classes which was great fun. Basic dressage tests I entered just for fun and won them in series.

When I was 16 years old I moved back to Germany and made a three year business apprenticeship in my hometown Reichelsheim/Odenwald. During that time I raised a colt at Hof Herrenberg, a famous dressage- and training centre in Germany at that time.

After living on the countryside I wanted to enjoy city life and moved to Wiesbaden. Living in Wiesbaden, I went to evening school to get my high school diploma in Frankfurt for 3,5 years. In the mornings, I worked for a lawyers firm, did some modeling jobs and the afternoons I could spend with the horses.

The passion for dressage riding came through Grand-Prix rider and trainer Karin Hahn, who gave me lessons on a four year old average talented horse.

When Lett-Off Prokat came into my life, there was nothing else on my mind but horses and riding. The times on the Margarethenhof in Bischofsheim in the dressage barn of Thomas Diehl and the training sessions during my holidays at Hof Herrenberg with Karin Hahn were the key for my professional riding career in the future.

Dressage clinics that I held in Germany, parts of Europe and the United States, client horses in training, successful training of young horses and riding successfully up to Intermediaire I level gave me recognition in my sporting- and professional life.

My great passion for horses, the dressage riding and the Oldenburg-bloodlines of horses (especially the R-blood stallions) I could ideally and in the best way of sporting and professional sense realize on my own equestrian centre, the Lindenbrunnerhof 2.

In 2012 I was awarded the GOLDENE REITABZEICHEN.
Competitive riders are honored by the Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung
(FN) with the Goldene Reitabzeichen when they achieve 31 victories in Advanced class (S) test in one discipline - in my case Dressage. I am proud to have achieved this on two of my stallions (Royal Court OLD and Royal Kingdom) that i trained from the first day they had a saddle on their back.

Royal Court OLD award ceremony 2012 in Vechta