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Keeping of horses

Philosophy keeping of horses

The young horse gets domesticated - but it needs the company of other youngsters and lots of ground in nature to play and grow.

The riding and sport horse needs excellent footing to avoid injuries, high-quality food, and fresh air at all times.

Horse – boarding on the Lindenbrunnerhof 2

The horses of our clients are always treated with special care and respect.

We give each horse the training, treatment and environment it needs whether healthy or sick, in show season or in rent.

Our clients can decide whether their horse goes on paddock/pasture half or full days, by itself or in a group, with blankets or without.

The excellent footing of our riding facilities is one of the reasons why we hardly have lame horses.

The riding hall measures 20 m x 55 m, the outside longing ring measures 18 Ø and the outside riding ring has the international measures of 20 m x 60 m and a lovely view. All riding facilities are provided with automatic watering systems – so there is no dust ever.

All stalls have a window to the outside so fresh air is always given. The stalls size vary from 3,50 m x 3,50 m, 4 m x 5 m and 6 x 3,50 m.

The stables are cleaned 7 days a week. We feed 3 x hay and 3 x oats, grains and corn daily. A carrot delivery service is offered to our boarders. The solarium for horses is at the boarders disposal during the winter months.

Two especially trained employees look after the horses needs and the equestrian centre.

Optimal horse keeping- and training at the Lindenbrunnerhof 2 keep our boarders and clients very pleased.

Aufzuchtimpressionen der Hengstfohlen, Jährlinge und 2-jährigen.